Bujacz, A., Eib, C., & Toivanen, S. (2019). Not all are equal: A Latent Profile Analysis of well-being among the self-employed. Journal of Happiness Studies, in press. doi: 10.1007/s10902-019-00147-1 Woodham, L. A., Round, J., Stenfors, T., Bujacz, A., Karlgren, K., Jivram, T., … Poulton, T. (2019). Virtual patients designed for training against medical error: Exploring the impact of … [Read more…]

Research projects and scholarships

2019-22 Leader of the project titled It’s about time: Dynamic temporal effects of psychosocial work environment on chronic and acute stress symptoms. Research grant funded by FORTE the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life, and Welfare. Co-applicants: Petter Gustavsson and Ann Rudman. 2013-14  Research supervisor in the project titled: Does creativity make you happy? The influence … [Read more…]

Conference papers

Bujacz, A., Bernhard-Oettel, C., Rigotti, T., & Lindfors, P. (2015, May). Creativity as a cognitive resource at work: A comparison between self-employed and employees. Paper presented at The 17th European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, Oslo, Norway. Bujacz, A., Bernhard-Oettel, C., Magnusson Hanson, L., Rigotti, T., & Lindfors, P. (2015, May). Benefits of creativity and burdens … [Read more…]